Simple API Management

APInf platform offers a comprehensive, yet easy to use API management tool. APInf provides simplified workflow for API owners for common API management tasks. At the same time, it serves as a self-service tool for API consumers for discovering APIs and taking them to use.

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Here's how it works

Focus on building your APIs, while having unified API management features.

Publish your APIs

Make your APIs easily available for developers

Connect the API to a proxy

Select the right proxy for your API

Track and manage

Easily manage and configure your API endpoints and access control

One stop shop to discover APIs and start using them!

Discover APIs

Find and bookmark useful APIs

Read API documentation

Swagger viewer available

Get the API key

Sign up and get your API key


From consultation to deployment, the APInf team is here to help you get the most out of APIs and APInf.

Self-hosted deployments

Do you want to run your own APInf instance? Save time by allowing our specialist to set up the deployment for you and manage it.

Whitelabeling and customization

Get your own brand colors, logos, home page for your deployment.

Custom development

Do you have any specific needs not covered in our current APInf version? Let us know about your custom needs.

Onboarding to SaaS

Our specialists can help you to add your APIs to our SaaS version and train you in common API management tasks.

API consultancy and training

Learn about common best practices for web APIs from our specialists.

API design and Swagger

If you are a newcomer to APIs, we can help you with API design and documentation.

If you have any questions about our services, get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

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We don’t just talk about Open Source, we live it too.

APinf is powered by API Umbrella and builds a dashboard on top of the API Umbrella features. The solution is fully open source licensed with EUPL. We have gone one step further with our open process. We like to collaborate, to listen to our users and want to encourage people to become contributors.

Core team

Chandra Challagonda


Taija Björklund

Product Owner

Philippe Luickx

Business Developer

Brylie Oxley


Laura Ekman

Marketing Manager

Vesa Härkönen

Internal Customer

Jarkko Moilanen

Business and Community Developer

Nazia Hasan

UX Designer

Mauricio Vieira

Senior SW Developer

Matti Leppänen

SW Developer

Daria Voytova

SW Developer

Shaliko Usubov


J Phani Mahesh

Scalability Engineer

Saurabh Kumar

SW Developer

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